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The Netherlands
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During the eighties, former cyclist Peter Winnen triumphed twice on the roads of the Alpe d’Huez during the Tour de France. His neighbour Mike Teunissen was not yet born, but with such a great example nearby and a grandfather and father who loved cycling, it soon became obvious that Mike would become a cyclist as well.

At a young age, Teunissen proved his potential in cyclo-cross as well as on the road and in 2014 the Dutchman won the prestigious U23 editions of both Paris-Roubaix and Paris-Tours.

In his first year with the team, Teunissen showed his strength from the early Classics in spring until his last race in China. In such a short period, Teunissen has grown both mentally and physically and in the coming years, he aims to continue to play an important role in helping team leaders in the sprints and Grand Tours.

Mike is never afraid to ride offensively and loves the unpredictable aspects of the one-day races. A rider full of ambition, Teunissen is determined to make the next steps in 2018. “I rode a steady season but I’m still looking for a big hit, I want to ride alongside the best cyclists in one-day races. Together with the team I will work hard to stay fresh in the final kilometres and I won’t be satisfied until I have achieved this. As the legendary general Hannibal said: ‘Either I will find a way, or make one’.”

"I will find a way or make one"